New faces and strengthened team!

Meet our newest additions, Bodil Flatval, Øystein Henriksen, Bjørn Roni Pedersen and Oddgeir Husøy.


Bodil has over 10 years of accounting experience and have recently started in a new position connected to Payroll & Accounting.

Øystein is employed as Technical Inspector and have previously been sailing as a Captain onboard wellboats, treatment vessels and Stun & Bleed vessels within different companies.

Oddgeir is now employed as Technical Manager and comes from the position as COO in Impact Solutions. He holds more than 20 years of technical and operational experience within the maritime industry.

Bjørn Roni have previously been working for us on a project basis through his own company. He has now entered into a permanent position as IT Consultant.

A big welcome to all four of you!