Kirsti H

Acquires our seventh wellboat

We have entered into an agreement with Bergen-based Kerko Seatrans AS, to acquire the wellboat Kirsti H, and will take delivery of the vessel during coming spring.


Kirsti H was delivered to Erko Seatrans AS from Solund Verft in February 2017. Kirsti H is a 1800m3 modern wellboat with quality components, and rigged for most operations, including a well-functioning equipment for thermal delousing.

CEO, Ole Peter Brandal

CEO, Ole Peter Brandal, reiterates Intership´s ambitions of continued strong and profitable growth. «We have now also established ourselves in Chile and hired an experienced CEO. We believe that within a relatively short time, we will have vessels operating in Chile. We also see a growth potential in all of the markets we are established in, especially Norway and Chile. The good cooperation that we have developed with our customers will also support that the underlying conditions for growth is at its very best».